Don Mappes, Ph.D.
About Us
Anyone can suffer in silence, but it takes real courage to confront one's issues.  Dr. Don Mappes offers a safer alternative to addictive medications to deal with the effects of trauma and violence.

Are You...

* A member of the Armed Forces who saw combat or terrorism?  see below
* A Law Enforcement Officer, Fire Fighter, EMT, or other First Responder?  see below
* A trauma or terrorist victim?
* A witness to a traumatic event?
* Stressed, depressed or very irritable?

Do You Have Trouble...

* Getting over a divorce or the death of a loved one?
* Relaxing, sleeping, or having fun?
* With persistent disturbing thoughts or images of past traumas?

Working With Us...

To best serve my client's, the first session needs to be a thorough evaluation.  It will be necessary to arrive approximately one-half hour early to complete the paperwork.  The evaluation then consists of me asking a lot of questions, some of which will not be at all related to your issues.

At the end of the evaluation process you will receive feedback on the results.  We will discuss the diagnosis if there is one, and then explore the options that are available for you to achieve your goals.
Dr. Don Mappes provides:

* Rapid resolution of painful memories and symptoms.

* Confidentiality & Privacy Assured!

* Fewer sessions mean  less overall cost


Discounts provided to First Responders, Military Personnel and Families
Don Mappes, Ph.D.
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